red carpet movie star lights

Create viral

Hollywood style

60 sec movies

starring YOU.

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8 movies in 4 genres for you to star in.

An advanced editing algorithm adds professional voice overs,  amazing stock footage and blazing sound effects.

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How it works.

You will be directed

by international film director, Donovan Marsh, through the app he has created.
He has  directed greats such as Gary Oldman, Troye Sivan, Gerard Butler, Linda Cardellini, Hlubi Mboya and John Cleese.
The app will ensure you give a performance worthy of a
Hollywood star.
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Feel like a star with your own virtual

editor, producer and personal assistant.

The Shoot

You will be guided through a simple shoot with your own phone.  You can take the shots or a friend can help you.
The edit algorithm created by Donovan Marsh will produce a world class, viral worthy60 second film to wow your friends and show on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and YouTube .




for the next week only

* No up-sells. No in-app purchases. No subscriptions. No data harvesting. You store and own what you shoot. 

movie star experience APP STORE.png

The Movie Star Experience is the work of a lone (ranger) developer and movie director.

If you contact me I will try to get back to you.

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